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Regardless of the place you reside across the globe, we’re all accustomed to the meals pyramid, proper?

It’s an image we have all grown up with that supposedly represents all of the “healthy” meals we’re meant to eat and in what portions.

When we give it some thought, we assume that giant well being organizations have our greatest pursuits at coronary heart, proper? After all, they need us to be wholesome – no less than, that is what we assume.

However, because it turns on the market is a little more to the story… a number of shocking issues in actual fact…

Here we’ll discover a number of myths, together with sharing a brand new diabetes meals pyramid that may make it easier to obtain higher blood glucose management.

Diabetes Food Pyramid

JUMP TO: Lies behind meals and well being promotion – 1) Transnational companies dominating; 2) Nutrition myths; Three) Corporate sponsorship | The OLD meals pyramid –  1) US; 2) Australia; Three) Ireland; Four) UK; 5) Canada | Major issues with the previous pyramid | The NEW diabetes meals pyramid | The wrap up

The Lies Behind Food and Health Promotion

Transnational Corporations Now Dominate the Food Supply

It’s no secret that previously few a long time meals has been reworked by multinational ultra-processed meals and quick meals, taking up the globe. 

Alongside these adjustments we have seen a rise in weight problems, kind 2 diabetes, heart problems and most cancers – and that is no coincidence. 

The reality is that transnational companies (promoting unhealthy commodities) are main drivers of the worldwide epidemics that we’re at the moment experiencing.

People at all times attempt to say: “it’s the individuals problem. Individuals have a choice.”

While that is true to some extent, when people are surrounded by ultra-processed meals and quick meals at each single flip, this isn’t your fault. This is not a person concern.

This is a societal concern, a social concern and a world concern that nobody has the ability to deal with.


Because transnational companies have billions of to again their pursuits of creating much more cash. These firms have actually taken over our meals provide, pushing apart the significance of contemporary meals, and even pushing apart and dominating above public well being priorities – unhappy however true.

Nutrition Myths: The Fat & Sugar Debate

For years we have been advised to eat a low fats weight loss plan to forestall coronary heart illness. And to keep away from fats as a result of it clogs the arteries and results in weight achieve.

“The premise that high fat diets are bad for you is completely wrong,” says Dr. Adam Splaver, Cardiologist from NanoHealthAssociates. “This all stems from an erroneous study called the Seven Countries Study performed by Ancel Keys, a Minnesota physiologist.”

“In that examine, he correlated a excessive fats weight loss plan with the next  danger of heart problems. However, the examine itself included greater than 30 nations and Dr. Keys cherry-picked the info to suit his premise. When you take a look at the info in totality it was the next carb weight loss plan that correlated with the next danger of heart problems.”

And certainly, as analysis on fats, sugar, carbohydrates and coronary heart illness has developed, it retains changing into clearer and clearer that fats just isn’t the issue. Refined carbohydrates, sugar and extreme quantities of carbs are all larger contributors to the event of coronary heart illness.

Guess the place we predominantly discover refined carbohydrates, sugar and extreme quantities of carbs? 

In ultra-processed meals and quick meals (made by multinational meals firms) that line virtually each grocery aisle within the retailer!

This is only one sensible instance of diet myths that now pervade our society. 

Corporate Sponsorship: Health Organizations and Dietitian’s Associations 

It’s a tragic however true incontrovertible fact that many well being organizations have based mostly their info on this previous analysis, that has now more and more being confirmed fallacious.

Not solely that, organizations are continuously sponsored by massive multinational meals firms. And in numerous methods, these companies management what is taken into account “acceptable” mainstream diet data that will get distributed to the general public (they’ve multi-billion extra to take a position than any public well being marketing campaign).

For occasion, the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics is sponsored by:

  • Abbot Nutrition
  • National Dairy Council
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Ingredion
  • Premier Protein
  • Sunsweet Growers

In latest years, this listing has enormously improved however used to incorporate the likes of Coca Cola, Kellogg’s and Pepsi Co. Likewise the American Diabetes Association sponsors have considerably improved lately.

Dietitians Association of Australia is sponsored by:

  • Nestle
  • Campbells
  • Meat & Livestock
  • Jalna yogurt
  • Arnott’s
  • The Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum

All large companies crossing transnational borders.

While it is comprehensible that organizations usually do want company sponsorship, the moral requirements of choosing these sponsors has usually been questionable. After all, there are many moral, pure meals firms that may make for higher diet/well being companions. And through the years, this lack of selectiveness has additionally raised questions as to how a lot affect these firms have over well being organizations.

It must also be famous that meals firms (usually the undesirable ones) are consistently funding diet analysis, which on the finish of the day, specialists declare is filled with bias and cherry-picking of information.

This stuff goes on behind the scenes, and granted, years in the past organizations might get away with much more than they’ll now. With the appearance of the web and entry to extra info, savvy researchers and specialists worldwide proceed to uncover the undercurrent of company connection that runs by many of those diet/well being circles and the analysis ‘information’ they current.

The level of all that is: at all times query.

Do your homework and hold an open thoughts as a result of issues usually are not at all times what they look like on the floor.

Okay, sufficient stated.

Now let’s transfer onto exploring diabetes meals pyramids.

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The OLD Diabetes Food Pyramid

United States

The meals pyramid most of us know appears to be like one thing like this:

American Diabetes Association Food Pyramid

The above pyramid has been used for years by the American Diabetes Association to advertise “healthy” diabetic consuming, to information the consuming habits of the general inhabitants. And this meals pyramid is fairly constant for dietary pointers worldwide.

It has lengthy been based mostly on the next meals teams:

  • 6-11 servings of grains and starches per day
  • Three-5 servings of greens
  • 2-Four servings of fruit
  • 2-Three servings of milk
  • Four-6 ozof meat and meat substitutes
  • Fats, sweets and alcohol needs to be a particular deal with

The serves of grains and starches has develop into rather less lately, however remains to be promoted because the predominant “base” of most wholesome diets.


Australia up to date their meals pyramid a few years again, which did make some enhancements, shifting grains and starches up the pyramid and placing greens within the highlight.

Australia’s up to date Food Pyramid


Ireland additionally up to date their meals pyramid in a similar way to Australia.

Ireland’s up to date Food Pyramid


The UK now have a spherical picture, reasonably than a pyramid, however it’s nonetheless based mostly on OLD diet information with the inclusion of ample carbohydrates.

The UK NHS Eat Well Guide
The UK NHS Eat Well Guide
  • Eat no less than 5 parts of a wide range of fruit and greens a day
  • Base meals on potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or different starchy carbohydrates. Choose wholegrain the place potential
  • Have some dairy or dairy alternate options. Choose lower-fat and lower-sugar choices
  • Eat some beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and different protein. Aim for no less than two parts of fish each week 
  • Choose unsaturated oils and spreads and eat in small quantities
  • Eat meals excessive in fats, salt and sugar much less usually and in small quantities

Many of those meals pyramids attempt to emphasize portion sizes, which is a vital issue – we’re positively consuming greater than we as soon as have been.


Canada would not have a “pyramid” as such however remains to be selling the identical outdated info from 2005!! – sure, you learn that proper, data from 2005!

Diabetes Canada advisable pointers

And it will get worse… even their skilled sources are from 2005 and they’re nonetheless recommending professionals buy a diet ebook written in 2005!

It’s now properly over a decade since that date – that is fairly darn disgraceful. 

Major Problems with the OLD Food Pyramid

Here at DMP we encourage a decrease carb complete meals weight loss plan, fairly just because present analysis reveals it is a fantastic dietary sample for enhancing blood sugar and A1c – that means, it is a fantastic weight loss plan to deal with kind 2 diabetes and prediabetes!

The experiences of our members and subscribers (who’re getting superior outcomes) additionally demonstrates that the analysis is spot on. It is feasible to decrease your blood sugar and A1c and reverse the physique’s metabolism so it will get again to, or near regular as soon as once more.

And in actual fact, whenever you’re consuming proper, outcomes can happen fairly rapidly.

Here’s what Gloria G (a VIP Member) stated in a remark lately:

“I just wanted to share my great results having been on this plan for only one month. 3 months ago my A1C was 8.7 and my recent blood work showed it at 7.4. My endocrinologist was very impressed and thinks I will be at the target level by my next testing in 3 months. I am excited to continue on this plan and maybe I can stop one of my injections. Thank you for your dedication to diabetes research and food plans.”

Yep, higher A1c in a single month! Members are sometimes experiencing these kind of outcomes.

But sadly, following the previous meals pyramid might be not going that can assist you obtain this – no less than that is what our expertise (and the analysis) reveals.

So what’s fallacious with the OLD meals pyramid? 

Quite a number of issues…

Grains & Starches

In a decrease carb weight loss plan, all grains are excluded and so are most starches. 


Because they’re very excessive carb meals and carbohydrates are the one largest issue that will increase blood sugar and A1c. You minimize down on the excessive carb meals and you will see your numbers happening.

There’s additionally no proof to point out that grains, even complete grains, assist with blood sugar management.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) nonetheless encourage 25% of your consumption needs to be ‘grains & starches’ and listing ‘complete grains’ as one among their diabetes “superfoods.” And as we simply noticed above, so do many of the different massive well being organizations.

However, the ADA’s suggestions are a bit contradictory to what they state of their 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, that: “whole-grain consumption is not associated with improvements in glycemic control in type 2 diabetes.” Or in different phrases, it would not make it easier to regulate blood sugar and A1c – that is what the analysis clearly reveals. 

Here’s the factor… complete grains are positively a better option of meals in comparison with white/ refined grains. They are a advanced carbohydrate, they comprise extra fiber, they fill you up for longer, they’re usually decrease glycemic index, and they’re “generally” a more healthy meals.

But, they don’t assist with diabetes TREATMENT – prevention for the final inhabitants, sure. But remedy, no.

Treatment of a situation and prevention of a situation occurring are two fully various things.

Some individuals could possibly eat complete grains, portion managed. But most individuals with kind 2 diabetes and prediabetes will merely do higher with out them.


While fruit is a pure meals that’s usually thought-about wholesome. When you might have blood sugar points, fruit will also be problematic.


Again, many fruits are very excessive in carbs and can increase blood sugar greater than you want them to. There are some fruits which can be higher choices than others (hold studying to find them beneath).


Compared to different macronutrients (carbs and protein), fat affect blood sugar the least.

Carb, protein fat effects on blood glucose

Many of us have the “low fat” thought nonetheless caught in our heads as a result of consuming “low fat” is one thing that is been hounded into us for a few years.

However, whereas individuals might have numerous “opinions” about fats, selecting to consider myths just isn’t one thing we do right here at DMP.

Instead of regurgitating the identical outdated info, our aim is to share the latest scientific proof so that you perceive the information so you may decide the reality and due to this fact, make extra knowledgeable choices about your well being.

Much analysis lately has concluded that fats just isn’t the enemy, even saturated fats. In reality, fats is one thing we completely want.

And regardless of generally held assumptions, consuming fats doesn’t make you fats, doesn’t essentially increase ldl cholesterol, and in reality, will be coronary heart protecting, decrease ldl cholesterol, assist insulin resistance, lower irritation within the physique, and even help with weight reduction.

Additionally, the kind of fats promoted by well being organizations (unsaturated margarines and low high quality oils like soy, peanut, vegetable) are excessive in omega-6, and have been proven to contribute to well being issues, not assist them. Some merchandise promoted as wholesome additionally comprise trans fat, that are damaging to our well being.

We’ve coated the subject of fat intimately over right here, so we can’t delve any additional into this now.

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Your New Diabetes Food Pyramid

We’ve taken the freedom to develop a brand new diabetes meals pyramid.

Please share it round to assist others – thanks!

Diabetes Food Pyramid: Lower Blood Sugar & A1c

It relies on ample present analysis that we have now evaluated, exhibiting the most effective meals/weight loss plan to assist deal with kind 2 diabetes and prediabetes – a low carb weight loss plan crammed with pure complete meals!

Vegetables, Herbs & Spices

By quantity, non-starchy greens ought to make up the most important proportion of your weight loss plan.

Vegetables like: asparagus, bell pepper (capsicum), bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, and the listing goes on.

Most scientific proof (and most diet specialists) agree that greens are an excellent wholesome meals. 

Even Dr. Splaver (heart specialist) revealed that when it comes to coronary heart well being, veggies are proper up there!

Overall they supply fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, flavonoids, and they’re comparatively low in carbohydrates, which makes them nice for blood sugar and A1c management and for reinforcing general well being.

Fresh or dried herbs and spices additionally provide glorious health-boosting properties, to not point out including pure taste to all of your low carb dishes!

Healthy fat

A better fats content material in your weight loss plan is a pure consequence of reducing carbs.

For occasion, if you happen to take away excessive carb meals like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, you out of the blue have a calorie deficit. You can enhance the quantity of greens you eat however they’re comparatively low in general energy. And you don’t need to eat extreme quantities of protein.

So the pure consequence is that you simply eat extra wholesome fats sources. That does not imply load up with bacon and pork rinds as you may see on different low carb recipe websites, we definitely don’t recommend you do this.

But enhance your consumption of wholesome fat like nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, coconut oil and olive oil – fat with confirmed well being advantages.


Protein helps hold us full and happy for longer.

You can eat all kinds of meats, poultry, fish, and seafood. Many specialists nonetheless agree although, that selecting lean meats is greatest.

And you may choose from a wide range of dairy merchandise (each a protein and fats) like cheese, feta, and ricotta, together with eggs – all of that are wholesome nutrient-dense meals.


We all want some sweetness and the excellent news is, you may embody decrease carb fruits in your weight loss plan regularly.

For occasion, berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), apricot, lemon, lime, passionfruit, peach and plum are all good decisions.

Whereas apples, bananas, oranges, pears, watermelon and many others, are greater carb fruits that make it harder to control blood glucose ranges. That goes for canned fruit too, because it usually additionally accommodates added sugar. 

And fruit juice is rather like consuming pure sugar, so that you’re greatest to keep away from it.

Moderate Carb Veggies

Things like pumpkin, carrot, and beets are just a little greater in carbohydrate content material than issues like broccoli and cucumber however they aren’t so excessive that they have to be averted all collectively.

Beans & Legumes

Many individuals assume these are a protein meals. And they definitely do comprise protein.

However, beans and legumes are additionally excessive in carbs, so for most individuals, they have to be portion managed. And some individuals might want to exclude them altogether.

For these of you that may tolerate them, they do present nice advantages when it comes to their dietary fiber, notably soluble fiber, and of their resistant starch, which is helpful for feeding intestine micro organism. 


Sugar-filled treats like ice cream needs to be saved to a bear minimal – we’re speaking the odd event. And if you happen to can, you are higher off eliminating them altogether and making your personal treats from the meals listed above, with the addition of sugar substitutes like stevia, monk fruit, erythritol, vanilla and so forth.

The similar goes for treats like fried meals and processed meals – higher saved off your listing or to a naked minimal.

Grains & Starches

Should be eradicated or saved to a naked minimal, which is why you do not see them within the ‘new’ diabetes meals pyramid.

You can discover extra data on complete grains right here and starches right here.

The Wrap Up

Just since you learn one thing on-line, even on massive well being group web sites, doesn’t imply it’s true.

There are many diet myths that pervade our society and as new analysis continues to unfold, we’re studying that a lot of what has been bought as “healthy” is in actual fact, not-so-healthy, particularly when attempting to TREAT a situation.

Remember, prevention and remedy are not the identical factor. 

In phrases of the analysis we have completed (and have been doing for years), the above NEW diabetes meals pyramid covers the ‘protected’ meals with confirmed advantages for kind 2 diabetes and prediabetes remedy. And there are lots of scrumptious meals that may be eaten.

Though there are lots of meals decisions accessible to you, if you happen to’re used to consuming all the things out of a packet, consuming contemporary will be totally different. That’s the place our weekly meal planning service might help.

We ship our members straightforward (and scrumptious) blood sugar pleasant menus, together with common cooking lessons – all of which is designed that can assist you eat to deal with your kind 2 diabetes and prediabetes (if you happen to select to affix someday).

One factor is evident: if you happen to’re struggling to get your blood sugar ranges inside a wholesome vary, take into consideration which diabetes meals pyramid you’ve got been following. Perhaps it is time to make a number of adjustments to your meal plan. You by no means know, you may simply be stunned whenever you do!

YOUR TASK: 21 Day Lower Blood Sugar Challenge

  1. Examine your consuming routine – have you ever been consuming nearer to the previous meals pyramid or the brand new meals pyramid? Take notice of the issues you can work on altering in the course of the 21 day problem. Make a listing – it at all times helps to jot down it down – makes it extra actual, reasonably than simply being in your head.
  2. Follow this meals listing – (notice: we despatched a downloadable model to your electronic mail) your one focus and aim over the following 21 days is to comply with our advisable meals listing as intently as potential. Don’t fear about energy (for now), simply give attention to consuming nothing else however the meals on this listing. NOTE: Please verify your electronic mail as a result of we despatched you a pdf copy of this listing to your inbox.
  3. As we talked about yesterday, minimize out sugar, bread, potatoes, pasta, cereals, and rice – if you happen to’ve been consuming these meals as staples (and many people do), it is a large process however will result in dramatic outcomes. NOTE: For these with very excessive blood sugar numbers (200+/ 11+) you might want to chop again over a number of days to week, as a substitute of slicing out multi function go. Why? Because you may really feel shaky, dizzy, and nauseous. These are related signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It’s possible that you do not even have hypoglycemia however as a result of your ranges have been excessive and you have been consuming carbs, you will get related signs when slicing them out – simply remember and monitor your self.

Commit to your self and apply what we share as a result of we all know what we share might help you get outcomes.

Thanks for being concerned – it is nice to have you ever on board!


Need further help in the course of the problem & past? Join us as a member.

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Gloria G, VIP Member, says: “3 months ago my A1C was 8.7 and my recent blood work showed it at 7.4. My endocrinologist was very impressed and thinks I will be at the target level by my next testing in 3 months. Just eating your meal plan for a month and seeing the results gives me motivation to continue. Thank you for your dedication to diabetes research and food plans.”

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